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Welcome to Touch Alaska Interactive Media, Inc.

People curious about the largest state in the USA want to know about "Eskimos" of the arctic, polar bears and winter darkness in Alaska, which became the 49th state in 1959.

Touch Alaska Interactive Media is dedicated to working with cultural mentors, arctic historians, educators, scientists, and others to promote awareness of the rich heritage and ancient history of the Iñupiat of Barrow, Alaska and the North Slope, where strong cultural traditions meld with a modern way of life carved out of the arctic.

Here you will find information about Touch Alaska Interactive Media's latest project, the documentary, Barrow, Alaska - Our Tales to Tell. In addition, you can down download in PDF format the most recent version of the Barrow Visitor's Guide, complete with maps, photos, schedule of annual events, tourist guidelines, advertisements for local businesses, and other important and useful information about the most northern community in the United States.

Remember, Barrow lies 350 miles above the arctic circle, and is just 1100 miles south of the North Pole!

Photo Credits:

Photo of baleen basket with walrus ivory, seal finial courtesy Natalie K. Munden.

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